Chautauqua Property Owners

What Is It?

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association ("CPOA") is an organization consisting of people who own property within the confines of the gates of Chautauqua Institution. If you own a house or a condo on the grounds, you can join the CPOA.

CPOA Executive Committee Official Statement


Specific Duties

CPOA Mission Statement


Architectural and Land Use Regulations

The ARB relies on the Institution's Architectural and Land Use Regulations for guidance when determining whether or not specific construction projects meet the Institution's architectural and land-use standards. The ARB must interpret these regulations when determining whether or not a project which they deem to be of merit will require some form of variance or waver in order to proceed.

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Click map below to see a full-sized rendering of Chautauqua's Architectural Districts:

Early Chautauquans inspect the Pyramid, a structure which both came and went prior to the inception of the ARB:


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