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Though we readily acknowledge that Chautauqua-Observed reflects a distinctive point-of-view (ours), this does not mean that we necessarily agree even amongst ourselves on all aspects of each and every issue addressed on this web site. But we do completely agree that Chautauquans need: (1) a forum for airing their concerns regarding the direction of the Institution, and (2) a medium for sharing in a timely fashion information as well as rumors regarding plans or trends that could have a substantial effect on members of the Chautauqua family or on the architectural and environmental integrity of the Institution's buildings and open spaces. These two needs motivated us to create this web site.

Each year the Institution's board and administration have ten-and-a-half off-season months during which they must discuss policy and make decisions without the benefit of input from the Chautauqua community. During the off-season, these governing bodies also have traditionally found themselves unable to keep that community sufficiently informed of urgent and ongoing updates that could affect us all.

An On-Line Assembly

Our intention, therefore, is to have Chautauqua-Observed serve as a public assembly grounds where Chautauquans can alert one another to issues before it's too late to do anything about them. This gathers an entire flock of canaries into the coalmine.

If you "heard it through the grapevine" and don't feel your fellow Chautauquans will want to wait until next summer to hear it, post it here on Chautauqua-Observed and they'll hear it soon enough. Those who are inclined to provide input or take action, when necessary, on a particular issue before it is a fait accomplish will find this site to be a welcome source of information which the Institution's official publications are not designed to provide.

As we go forward, we would like Chautauqua-Observed to include opinions on all sides of issues. We encourage submissions from property owners and the greater Chautauqua community at-large as well as from the Institution's board, administration and staff members.

Although some of our postings will no doubt stir up controversy and instigate zealous advocacy by web site visitors on behalf of various points of view, we will post nothing that we deem to be of a scurrilous, defamatory or overtly personal nature.

If you are unwilling to attach your name to your submission, your request will be honored.  We will in any case post submissions sent to us in the spirit of honest debate. 

Direct all comments, with or without your name, to Burranderson@sbcglobal.net, or write me:  Burr Anderson, 223 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 1100, Chicago, Illinois  60606


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